How to Video Chat on Snapchat

New update from the Snapchat company is biggest yet which letting you text and video chat with friends. But not exactly how you’d think the new version of Snapchat opens to the app’s familiar screen but swipe right and you’ll see the chats are not grouped in the conversations like in most messaging. Swiping right on a friend’s name brings you new a new chat window where you can send texts for the first time as well as emoji snaps photos from your camera roll and videos. After reading the article you will now how to video chat on snapchat.

how to video chat on snapchat

Its a privilege to the Snapchat gods for releasing Snapchat 2.0 this 2016, with the best six new features in the snapchat application. If you have previously heard of these changes that are magic, you are likely wondering how to Snap Chat videochat, among the brand- new feature of the Snapchat 2.0 app. Here’s the first little advice I could give you: you’ven’t determined how to get Snap Chat 2.0 however, then you will need to upgrade the Snapchat app before you carry on with how to video chat on snapchat. To be able to do that, get in to the Appstore in your Iphone or Google play store for Android mobiles . Scroll down till you see Snap Chat, once you strike it, you are using the newest version and click it.

Note: The New version of Snapchat 2.0 is needed in your mobile and in your friends & families devices for the new features to work.

Let’s get started …..

After completing installation of Snapchat 2.0 successfully, just open the application to your friends or contact list then swipe it to right corner on the person to start video chat. Same as showing in the picture below.

how to video chat on snapchat #1

To start the video chat with your friend in Snapchat 2.0, you have to press the video camera icon showing in the screen as the video camera icon give a call to your friend immediately and your friend mobile have with SnapChat 2.0 installed, a notification of incoming call appears on his mobile.

how to video chat on snapchat #2

Right after taking your call, Snapchat 2.0 video chatting starts …

You can also have a option to hide your face in video chatting too, just simply tap the green camera icon on the live screen again by which you can only see your friend’s feed without them seeing you.

how to video chat on snapchat #3

Snapchat videochat show you (opt to Join, Ignore, or Watch it) options if you’re on the receiving end of a video call.

how to video chat on snapchat #4

In new version of snapchat you connect voice calls by pressing the phone icon which appear on the left side of the video camera icon and this will connect your voice calls. Same like video chat, your friend get a pop-up notification receiving a call. Start talking! 🙂

how to video chat on snapchat #5

You can also turn off your handset’s microphone. For this, just tap on the green icon of phone during the call to listen the voice of your friend out.

how to video chat on snapchat #6

When you get a call to your snapchat 2.0 from your friend, the app shows you to opt either Join, Ignore, or Listen options.

how to video chat on snapchat #7

Here you can see the video chat on Snapchat.

It show up you a tiny blue circle in your chat window indicating that your friend has joined the conversation by tapping and holding on the blue circle you can instantly start a video call with them. Move your thumb down for a selfie video and up show what you’ve been seeing the cool part is the video chats go one way or both ways.

Now, you can show friend your new shoes and they can just watch J. Or they can hold the blue button as well to happen to tell you what they think. And there’s no answer and call button you just happened hold with your thumb as if Snapchat were visual walkie talkie and lift your thumb when you’re done interestingly video chats can only be started with both people are inside a conversation.

So there’s never any waiting a ringing like there is with facetime. As soon as you leave a conversation your messages and snaps disappear forever. You can however saving important text message like an address or phone number for later by tapping on it they’re great touches all around the edges here like how you only get one push notification even when a friend send you 10 messages and how typing indicators show up on your lock screen instead of inside conversations themselves.

Signup for Snapchat 2.0, today!

Well, it looks like this on your phone and a lot of people will just mistakenly say it’s an act. But it’s so much more. Snapchat is a social network as a way to communicate with your friends and it’s a messaging app, it’s a news service and it’s a way to share and spread information, it’s a way to create content and for a lot of people it’s a way to build and grow a business. For some folks, it’s all of those things rolled into one. Snapchat is primarily designed as a messaging system for a way for you to share photos with your friends, family, colleagues and whomsoever for taking great pictures. Snapchat doesn’t just end with photos they make a lot of fun there’s a lot of other cool aspects built in snapchat.

Snapchat is one of the hottest and fastest growing social networks today. Alright! so the first thing that you’re gonna want to do is download the app. Once you download the app you are going to see a screen. Like the one that you see here in front of you.

snapchat video chat

So assuming that you have not signed up for Snapchat, you’re gonna click on the sign up button. You’re gonna enter your email address. Password as well as your birthday. Once you get past this screen and when you’re prompted to enter your user name. Make sure the username that you really like. Because Snapchat does not allow you to go back and change your user day. Its better for you would be if you are on Twitter already or if you’re on Instagram. Use the same username that you use for either one.

Snapchat that’s what makes us happy.

Over 10 Million people use Snapchat everyday because they feel free to have fun and express themselves and all this creativity starts with the camera where more than a million snaps are created everyday. Each of the snaps is a photo or video layered with human expression. In the moment, People are using snaps. Talk with friends rather than just capture memories.

Snapchat fundamentally changed in 2013 with the introduction of stories. A response to the highly curated nature of traditional social media. Stories are a collection of snaps that play in chronological order expire after 24 hours allowing people to express themselves in a new way everyday. Snapchatters spend on average 25 to 30 minutes every single day telling stories communicating with their friends and learning about the world. Stories became so popular on Snapchat that newly launched features in January of 2015 to help publishers and reacher audience with their own video editorial.

More people watch Snapchat’s coverage of events like college football for the MTV video music awards then watch the events on television. In fact nearly twice as many 18 to 24 year olds watch coverage of the first GOP debate on Snapchat then watch the debate on TV. On any given day Snapchat reaches 41 percent of all 18 to 34 year olds in the US. In comparison an average individual U. S. TV network only reached.

Creativity communication and story telling that powers Snapchat’s tremendous growth in video views. Video views on Snapchat grew more than 350 percent in the last year to over 100 Million video views everyday. Over 100000000 people watching 10000000000 videos every single day.

In September 2015, Snapchat released lenses a new way to use our camera to express yourself but fun a fax. There’s no doubt that products of snapchat allow people and brands to freely express themselves and have fun all over the world.

If you’re not using Snapchat, yeah you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to connect with your audience and to build your brands.

That’s one of the hottest social media platforms help there but pay attention if you blink you might just miss something. We’re coming down the top 5 facts about Snapchat.

Snapchat video chat

Snapchat video chat is a unique combination of creativity, communication and story telling. That power of Snapchat has a tremendous growth in video views. This mobile messaging app was once all that self destructive images and videos but with the introduction of stories it solidified itself as the juggernaut in the social media industry with younger generations preferring it over Facebook.

Snapchat video chat is more popular with females than males. Recently in the Harvard survey published in 2015 states that 42 percent of females between the ages of 18 and 29 use snapshot while 31 percent of males in that age range had an account in snapchat. Meanwhile according to statistics, as of 2015 more than half of Snapchat users were between the ages of 16 and 24 proving the app has become the social media choice of the youth a more immediate and personal platform.

snapchat video chat

In terms of photos, Snapchat wins at photo sharing! more isn’t always better. But when you’re going up against the likes of Facebook and Instagram numbers are kind of everything. Instagram might be the place for people to post curated photos and Facebook might be the place to share memories with family and friends but Snapchat is about sharing in the moment and by tapping into people’s natural desire to take a photo without thinking about the repercussions.

Snapchat has become the most prolific photo sharing app in the world surpassing both Facebook and Instagram with an estimated 9000 photo shared per second. The popularity of stories snap chat app generates a total of 10 billion video views per day and it’s become so popular that Instagram has released their own version of stories.